IJBBA | Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association | 2017 Market Animals by Breed
The Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association is a non-profit organization and affiliate of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council. Junior members are given the opportunity to learn, develop new skills, and grow through the many opportunities provided by exhibiting steers and heifers throughout the state of Iowa.
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2017 Market Animals by Breed

Simmental Steers

Champion Simmental Steer
Exhibited by Rilynn Buesing

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer
Exhibited by Brett Leer

Shorthorn Steers

Champion Shorthorn Steer
Exhibited by Paige Strohben

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer
Exhibited by Elizabeth Blake

Shorthorn Plus Steers

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer
Exhibited by Taylor Sandy

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer
Exhibited by Toxey Freeman

Mini Hereford Steers

Champion Mini Hereford Steer
Exhibited by Venna White

Reserve Champion Mini Hereford Steer
Exhibited by Paisley Lautner

Lowline Steer

Champion Lowline Steer
Exhibited by Alexis Gatewood

Red Angus Steer

Champion Red Angus Steer
Exhibited by Austin Smuck

Reserve Champion Red Angus Steer
Exhibited by Brady Edge

Maine Anjou Steer

Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Exhibited by Dustin Lund

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Exhibitor by KJ McCrea

Limousin Steer

Champion Limousin Steer
Exhibited by Nick Duckett

Reserve Champion Limousin Steer
Exhibitor by Jacob Al-Mazroa

Hereford Steer

Champion Hereford Steer
Exhibited by Nick Deppe

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer
Exhibitor by T.R. Putz

Chianina Steer

Champion Chianina Steer
Exhibited by Kyle Andrews

Reserve Champion Chianina Steer
Exhibitor by Mollie McCollough

Charolais Steer

Champion Charolais Steer
Exhibited by McKlain Jorgensen

Reserve Champion Charolais Steer
Exhibitor by MaKenna Buesing

Angus Steer

Champion Angus Steer
Exhibited by Garrett Coffland

Reserve Champion Angus Steer
Exhibitor by Ben VonGlan

Market Heifer Division 1

Champion Division 1 Market Heifer
Exhibited by Jake Hanson

Reserve Champion Division 1 Market Heifer
Exhibitor by Morgan Schoenrock

Market Heifer Division 2

Champion Division 2 Market Heifer
Exhibited by Ashtan Danker

Reserve Champion Division 2 Market Heifer
Exhibitor by Brenna Wilkins

Market Heifer Division 3

Champion Division 3 Market Heifer
Exhibited by Evan Friesth

Reserve Champion Division 3 Market Heifer
Exhibitor by Makenzie Martin

Market Heifer Division 4

Champion Division 4 Market Heifer
Exhibited by Abby Tlach

Reserve Champion Division 4 Market Heifer
Exhibitor by Jake Knudson

Market Heifers

Champion Market Heifer
Exhibited by Abby Tlach

Reserve Champion Market Heifer
Exhibited by Ashtyn Danker

Division 1 Crossbreds

Champion Divison 1 Crossbred
Exhibited by Kaden Wilson

Reserve Champion Divison 1 Crossbred
Exhibited by Tyler Means

Division 2 Crossbreds

Champion Divison 2 Crossbred
Exhibited by Abi Henderson

Reserve Champion Divison 2 Crossbred
Exhibited by Aaron Suhr

Division 3 Crossbreds

Champion Divison 3 Crossbred
Exhibited by Keaton Otto

Reserve Champion Divison 3 Crossbred
Exhibited by Henry Hoverston

Division 4 Crossbreds

Champion Divison 4 Crossbred
Exhibited by Dalton Shanks

Reserve Champion Divison 4 Crossbred
Exhibited by Colton Webb

Division 5 Crossbreds

Champion Divison 5 Crossbred
Exhibited by Joe Herr

Reserve Champion Divison 5 Crossbred
Exhibited by Gunnar Larsen


Champion Crossbred
Exhibited by Joe Herr

Reserve Champion Crossbred
Exhibited by Dalton Shanks